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Firenza Press Release Commercial Tyres Feature – Tyres & Accessories

Press Release: June 2018:

Truck Tyre Feature – Tyres & Accessories

Commercial Tyre excellence from Firenza

Singapore based International Contract Tyre manufacturer, Firenza are a leading supplier of quality mid-range truck and bus tyres to fit all applications in the UK and Europe.

A comprehensive Firenza TBR range of tyres are professionally produced within  leading international manufacturing facilities  in Vietnam and Thailand which includes the very latest technological advancements in tyre building technology and design. All Firenza commercial tyre patterns incorporate a solid shoulder construction with a zero angled steel band that greatly reduces irregular wear along with a unique tread groove arrangement that significantly combats casing damage and stone retention.

The Firenza SD808 Drive Axle and SR505 Steer Axle patterns are exclusively produced inThailand with the SD808 presenting a series of features and benefits  including a wide tread with a special compound for loner mileage performance, a solid shoulder construction with zero angle steel band ply to protect the shoulder against irregular wear. Whilst a specially formulated compound and additional block sipings ensure maximum wet grip and a highly durable casing construction guarantees several life cycles of the tyre.

The SR505 pattern incorporates a customized tread pattern and casing design for superior drive handling and safety whilst five equal rib designs on the tread radius provide reliable even wear. Also a four breaker construction ensures smooth handling and protects the casing for retreading. A special tread groove offers important resistance against stone retention and other casing damage plus a series of special tread compounds provide reduced rolling resistance and low fuel consumption.

At the same time a series of twenty two TBR patterns covering steer axle, drive axle and trailer applications for long haul, regional, on/off road and OTR requirements are exclusively produced in Vietnam including the Firenza SSR05A Steer pattern which includes a wider and flatter tread profile to guarantee increased mileage performance.

Whilst the SSD08 Steer incorporates a unique tread pattern for further improved traction control and the SSM10 provides a distinctly rugged tread pattern that has been specially produced for very aggressive driving conditions and the SSM07 pattern is ideally suited for the All Position market sector with its special design for trailer applications. Also three additional Firenza truck patterns – the STV55, STV06 and STV09 are available in a variety of sizes.

For the Super Single segment, Firenza provides a choice of three different patterns – the SSR055A, SST066 and SSR065 with both the SSR055A and SST066 including a solid shoulder construction ensuring a higher level of reduction in early tread wear plus a particularly hard tread rubber compound to ensure extensive mileage performance.

Finally Firenza present an all-new range of Urban Bus tyres that have been specifically designed and manufactured for all-position buses. The Firenza SSU05 pattern includes a reinforced sidewall to give a superior standard of protection against kerb damage along with an extremely durable casing construction that guarantees several tyre life cycles. Finally the SSU500 provides a unique tread pattern for outstanding grip and mileage performance. The Firenza SSU05 is currently available in size 275/70R22.5 and the SSU500 in size 305/70R22.5.

For further information on the entire Firenza commercial and bus range plus the entire company product portfolio and services visit www.sumotire.com.