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Firenza Press Release Winter Tyre Feature in Europneus

Press Release: July 2017:

Winter Tyre Feature – Europneus

A versatile Winter range from Firenza

Singapore based international Contract tyre producer – Firenza offer an impressive range of quality winter tyre patterns for the  European market sector including Spain for the 2017/2018 season from their increasingly popular Nu Ice range.

The Firenza Nu Ice winter range presents two pattern options and incorporates all current European tyre regulations including tyre labelling legislation. The NTS-01 studless pattern  includes a unique tread design with unique grooves angled towards the centre of the tyre ensuring a firm and solid grip for driving on packed or slushy snowy roads.

Additional features and benefits include a special soft compound that further enhances road traction on winter roads plus solid blocks with many zig-zag style sipes for significantly improved dry road performance and solid grip in all severe winter conditions. Also a series of elevated grooves further enhance the rigidity of the tread. The Nu Ice NTS-01 is currently available in 16 sizes from 175/65R14 through to 225/40R18.

The Nu Ice XT-01 is a studdable pattern which includes a special acutely angled tread design that maintains the position of the grooves in the centre of the pattern to give excellent grip on ice and snow along with special shoulder lug blocks complete with zig-zag siping that greatly improves braking performance and further enhances traction on packed snow and ice. Whilst a rugged tread design gives an even greater level of grip in icy conditions and an innovative soft compound maintains a high standard of road traction in severe winter temperatures. The XT-01 is currently available in 7 size options from 175/65R14 up to 225/60R16.

Larry Lee, Firenza’s Vice President for International Distribution says, “The Firenza range of studdable and studless patterns present European tyre dealers with a highly competitively priced mid-range tyre option that excels in all winter road conditions and severe temperatures.”  For further information on the Firenza Nu Ice winter tyre range and the comprehensive Firenza product portfolio and services visit www.sumotire.com