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Firenza Press Release – High Performance Tyre Feature – Irish Tyre Trade Journal


Press Release – High Performance Tyres

Irish Tyre Trade Journal – October 2017


Impressive high performance quality

for Irish driver from Firenza

Globally acclaimed Contract Tyre Producer, Singapore based Firenza is constantly building on its progressive presence in the industry as a popular tyre brand in Ireland and throughout the rest of Europe supplying quality mid-range Ultra High Performance tyres with their versatile and innovative ST22 range.

The Firenza ST22 ultra high performance pattern is exclusively produced  in South East Asia within a leading manufacturing facility that incorporates up-to-the-minute technologically advanced tyre building machinery resulting in an attractive tread design that meets the demanding expectations of Irish and European drivers of high powered sports saloon cars.

The ST22 incorporates several impressive features and benefits including an asymmetrical tread pattern that has a special rib design and rigid outside shoulder area as well as a semi flexible outer rib formation to guarantee a high level of cornering stability, precision steering levels and outstanding driving comfort. Also a rigid centre rib design ensures an additional level of increased grip in the tyre’s contact area for superior braking performance on dry roads.

At the same time four wide grooves provide ultimate performance levels of water drainage plus lateral sipes and slots with a polymeric compound guarantee shorter braking distances on wet roads. Whilst a tapered sipe design ensures lower noise levels and an improved belt construction with increased polymer to filler ratio gives lower rolling resistance and increased fuel economy performance.

The Firenza ST22 ultra high performance tyre range is currently available in 25 sizes in V and W ratings and for further information on the ST22 and the comprehensive Firenza product portfolio and services visit www.sumotire.com